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Diva in the Dirt

Maureen Washington - Diva in the Dirt in her garden

About this Diva...

Welcome to my table of life! 
I am an Canadian/International Jazz and Blues Singer and newly turned Urban Homesteader. 
I went from A "Diva on the Stage" To a "Diva in the Dirt"! 

Like many people, 2020 closed many doors but yet at the same time opened up new ones. 

With the lack of performing, I jumped in with both hands and feet and learned about Gardening, Chicken Husbandry, Pressure Canning, Sourdough Bread, Cheese Making and Carpentry, and now I'm excited to share my journey with you. From gardening tips, to delicious recipes, to DIY projects, I'm here to show you that urban homesteading is accessible and achievable, no matter where you live.  

Join me as I continue to turn my urban space into a thriving permaculture oasis.

Even though the music business is back to "business", I've fallen in love with being an Urban Homesteader, and want to continue this passion. 

As an Urban Homesteader I strive to create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle in the city.

Through my Youtube vlogs, I hope to share my journey and encourage others to explore their own self-sufficiency.

I'll be posting tips, tricks, and stories of my experiences as I continue to learn and grow as an urban homesteader!

My eventual goal is to own a piece of property to grow on a larger scale.

In the meantime, I will continue to teach my Kidults and others the different aspects of Urban Homesteading, as I'm passionate about bringing back the life skills and art of homesteading, similar to the life that our Great Grandfathers and Great Grandmothers would have had, but with modern conveniences.

Join me on my journey and be inspired to fall in love with aspects of  eating natural food grown in your own garden.

The products I will be selling online and local will help to sustain my home and to help me realize my dream.

For locals in my community, I will  feature a variety of  Veggies and high-quality, affordable products.

My passion for excellence has driven me from the beginning, and I will continue to drive my dream into the future.

I know that every product counts, and I strive to make your entire shopping experience as rewarding and fun as possible.
Check out my store and special offers, and or get in touch with questions or requests. 

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Picture of Dottie the Diva Chicken
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