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Introducing the Diva in the Dirt Homestead Life Classic Tee-Shirt!

This stylish and comfortable Gildan Ladies tee-shirt is made of 100% cotton, making it perfect for any day.

Show off your Divaship in style and wear it with pride to let all your friends know who's boss of her garden!

This classic design is sure to become one of your favorite shirts to wear in your garden.

Get your Diva in the Dirt - Homestead Life Tee-Shirt today 

The Tee-Shirt run slightly small.
Our Gorgeous Model is wearing the 3X but typically is a 2X


Coming Soon

Dottie the Diva Chicken

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Amazon Affiliate Links

 We Urban Homesteaders and Garden Extraordinaires love our tools and modern conveniences to bring life and ease to our gardens. Below are a few products I use and love for my homesteading projects.

I am an Amazon Associate and by using the links to purchase products, I get a small percentage of the sale.

I post products that I use and love, know that you can trust that you're getting quality and reliable products.

From gardening tools to canning supplies and more. 

Make sure to check back often to find the newest products I'm recommending for your urban homestead. 


     For the Kitchen

Ham Maker by Maddox: Make your own Deli Meat

Baking Sling: For baking sourdough bread (save on parchment paper)

     For the Garden

Organza Fruit Protection Bags: To cover your fruit to prevent rodent damage

8-Layer Black Herb Drying Rack:

Tomato Roller Hooks:

Tomato clips:


     For the Kitchen

Ham Maker by Maddox : Make your own Deli Meat